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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cotton Percale?

Many believe that this is a particular blend of fabric. But it's actually the type of weave used in luxury bed linen. "Percale" is a simple criss-cross pattern that enables the threads to be woven tightly.

Is there a difference between Cotton and Cotton Percale?

The main difference between cotton and cotton percale is that cotton is a breathable fabric made from cotton plants, while cotton percale is a type of weave that uses a traditional crisscross pattern. Cotton sheets come in a few types of weaves, including Percale, Oxford, and Sateen.

What does XLD stand for?

XLD stands for "Extra Length and Extra Depth". 

What is the difference between King and Super King Bedding?

A King Bed is roughly the size of two Single Beds pushed together, while a Super King Bed is roughly the size of two Three Quarter Beds pushed together.

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